The second annual
New England PON Herding Clinic

June 7th, 2008 Portland , CT
Instructor Lynnette Milleville

95degF not one cloud in the sky,
22 PONs entered, 3 PONs in the audience,
1 Toy Aussi,
1 Water Spaniel, 2 Cotons,
many PON lovers and a lot of fun
for the dogs and people.
PONs in Action !!!
There is no PON gathering without delicious food :) We had all kind of wonderful delicacies including
some Polish specialties like: chlodnik, kabanosy, plesniak and pierogi....not mentioning the ice cream,
PON cake and much more!! Thanks to everybody for bringing all the goodies.
PON ???
Next time we also need to have all the photographers on the picture :)
Thanks everybody for coming and see you next year !!!